(album) Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fight


(9 out of 10) Frightened Rabbit’s 2nd full length recording

This might be the saddest yet most uplifting full length album I’ve listened to. After hearing it you are not sure whether to jump off a bridge, or go on the greatest journey of your life and find yourself. It has all things every great record should have. It has beautiful convincing vocals (in an especially beautiful Scottish accent), it has full organic acoustics that are extra warm and extra fuzzy, it has destructive sounding electric guitar riffs with epic build ups, and lastly it has a wonderful feeling of genuine love for good music and for life. Its something that is a ‘must listen’ for anyone looking to actually learn about full on no-pop no-plastic great tuneage.

The self pity laden Modern Leper is a jump between loving someone so much that you feel unworthy and self loathing to the point of stupidity. Speaking figuratively of his sick body and useless limbs Scott Hutchison paints a picture of a person that is too sick to go on and doesn’t feel worthy that another is willing to stay behind with them. Their unmistakably Scottish accents drill in the sound of indie folk song after song. It really is quite melodic. Very fun to listen to for such a dark record.

Keep Yourself Warm is the star of the album in my opinion. It has a super hard hitting guitar riff that resonates throughout the whole song, some beautiful organ/piano undertones and aggressive lyrics that make you want to jump around and punch holes in the wall. At one point it says “it takes more than fucking someone you don’t know, to keep yourself warm”. I think most guys can really relate to that feeling about their ex-gf. The feeling that whether she is or isn’t, you just know she IS sleeping around to try and get over you.

There is so much to be said about Midnight Organ Fight that I will probably be adding to this review/praise session of this album for a long time. Not that it will be a job, but the thing just keeps growing on me. There is a song for every mood and it makes any person in any scenario feel vintage and folk in the coolest of ways. This is a must have album for any hipster, music connoisseur, or just regular dude wanting to jam hard to some heartfelt music.


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