GOP Budget Plan Disaster

I’ll just come right out and say it. The new GOP budget being spearheaded by Paul Ryan will be an absolute disaster to the fabric of American culture if passed. This new deal highlights all of the old conservative tricks, first the bill repeals the Affordable Care Act, makes huge cuts to Medicaid and ends Medicare all together,  all while providing (again) hugely lower taxes for the super-wealthy. But thats just the start. What this bill really does is make a virtual war on the middle class. Not every person who needs these programs is a jobless, homeless, lazy slob. However, this seems to be the constant picture painted by conservatives about everyone who utilizes government help and subsidies (enter huge subsidies for big oil companies…!) This new proposed budget action is a slap in the face to the American Dream. It pits haves and have nots against eachother and advocates that we stand alone instead of banding together. The “Misdistribution” of wealth in this country (see Misdistribution of wealth post) makes for a very wealthy nation in which most of its people are actually poor. The Republican plan emphasizes this disparity and comically argues that the super rich, when barely taxed, are “job creators”. Thats funny because during one of the most prosperous times in US history and while a golden-favorite Republican president was in office (Ronald Reagan) taxes were much higher than they are now. Jobs were created, banks were secure, the manufacturing industry was booming, and government run so called “safety net” programs were working just as they were intended to. That is, they kept a steady bell curve of a few people on the super-rich end, a few people on the super-poor end, and most of us sitting somewhere right in the middle holding up the economy as well as the vision of a balanced society both in economic standing and social class. Then something terrible happened, our leaders began accepting huge sums of money from lobbyists and big corporations and in turn deregulated our financial system almost all across the board. Why would they do this you ask? Because the more money huge companies make the more they can give to our government. Now you would think this money changing hands would be to help the people and support America as a whole, nope. This money was (and still is) used in large part for election campaigns and advertisements propping up and knocking down other politicians…It all starts to make sense now. This see-saw of money helping government and government helping money parades as legitimate politics but is actually one of the biggest fundamental problems with our political system today and the new GOP budget plan only extends this deadly game. Some call it unethical, some call it illegal, I call it the way of the world and how power will continue to dictate our lives unless we do something. Our current President and political philosophy may not be perfect but at least its a step in the right direction and this newest plan devised by Republicans is a step off of a cliff…


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