Bon Bon fire

Sunday evening bon Bon fires at the Villa. When you have 4 guys and two dimes with the car pulled into the back yard carrying railroad ties over a fire..there are bound to be frisky extrapolations that bring even the burliest of games into the meadow. . The everest screwdrivers rarely burn brighter than the figures. Sketchy as a pizza for $4.00. The mad library is stupid high. You don’t look high at all. You walk a little high that’s all but pick me up something. Walk off the earth. Haussen house takes 45 minutes to get 0 drinks. I’ll drive over a few trees. Hatch hit me up but not when I was there, her grandparents have a sin valley but I doubt we’ll go. You have to be very vulnerable to catch it. If you do a backflip doogie off a double story deck theres two diamond Mexicans waiting to take you by the hand. Make you glad you came.


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