Religiously Poor


“The lord is all you need” a common phrase in social circles throughout the United States and the world. As it turns out, you need food water and shelter to…As it goes with most impoverished societies in America one common theme seems to arise, a culture of ultra religiousness. Every image of a home in a poor neighborhood and any look inside the life of the poorest Americans yield images of Jesus on the cross, mother Mary and wall hung bible verses. This illustrates a theme of ultimate benevolence, that god or Jesus will always save you. That you don’t need money or food or clean water or work but all you need is Jesus. There is a major paradox here. Does the poverty stem from being overly religious? Or do the poor become over religious to deal with the poverty? Either way you look at it there is a missing piece and a lack of motivation stemming from this notion that all events in life are predetermined by some higher power. Why work if you were already destined to be poor?   


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