Written Word

Going out on a limb here because, well, sometimes you have to.

So there has been much speculation lately about the direction of the words written. Both on this page and elsewhere the meanings and tones are interchangeable. Whether stream of conscious or quite deliberate there are always multiple meanings. The most recent talk of a trillion dollar coin for instance has everyone rattled into thinking our governement is a gimmick waiting to happen, it is. Whether its Barry O. or Georgy Dubb I seem to always be worried about what presidents are doing, the answer is, not much.

Enough about politics, now that Ive recently opened this web address up and promoted it (very slightly) via social networking sites I intend on using it more often and to more of an extent that I have before. There is much to be said regarding pop culture, art, politics, music, our generation, our parents generation, movie scenes, the ‘scene’ in general, the fact that were rarely seen in public, the fact that we are the public, and many other things worth discussing. Please stay tuned as I hope to garner a wider audience and have muuuch more to say in my next post. Again, Stayyy Tuuuned!!!


“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”