NBA Playoffs

This weekend was the start of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. It seems that no one wants to pay attention to the NBA except during this part of the season. I always hear the common arguments “the NBA is boring” “they dont play defense in the NBA”. I am a big NBA fan and to those critics I would say, how do you play defense on the best scorers in the world? It is not enough to say you dont play defense when LeBron James is one of the greatest athletes in the world and can literally jump over you.
I am excited about the upcoming Playoffs match-ups. I have the Heat sweeping the first round and making it to the Finals for another ring : ) I am quite biased afterall as I have been watching LeBron since he was in Highschool and I was to. We would watch St. Vincent St. Marys on ESPN and I saw him do a funk dunk (between the legs jam) in a Highschool game, which is absurd. The East will obviously be dominated by the Heat but the West is a different story. In this respect I believe the Thunder will make another run but could have a tough time getting past the Clippers. The Clip along with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have some major potential to give anyone problems down on the block. I hope not to see a re-match of last years Finals so I am rooting for the Clippers in the West, afterall, they used to have Darius Miles, and hes a heck of an actor.


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