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I opened an account with and have since been minorly trading small amounts of stock. I look at it more like a savings account than a brokerage account. I believe there is some definite money to be made in the stock market but the problem is, someone is always MORE on top of it than you. You can do all the research you want but between work and family and other hobbies the details can really get away from you. There are people who do nothing but manage stocks. They stalk the hell out of stocks and know the upcoming mergers, acquisitions, splits and pending buyouts. Fear not though my fellow novice investors! There are a few market sectors that (barring another 08′ catastrophe) fluctuate quite infrequently. Ironically the housing market is one of these, also the gas and industrial metals sectors rarely move the way up and coming tech and pharma companies do. I personally have been closely watching the movement of Praxair (PX), also a former employer of mine. It stays right around the $120 mark and stays put which again is fine for my savings motivated investing. There really is no point to this blog only that I knew I needed to get in an update and this is whats new with me!! I vill be bahk.