Radioactive Filibuster




Very simply put the Senate of the United States of America will not approve the appointment of judges on President Obama’s watch because they don’t like him. This has caused the Senate leaders to use whats called the “nuclear option” which allows the appointment to happen with only 51 votes from the senate instead of the usual 60. While its true the trend began under President Bush it has come to a head during this administration. This is a problem because this will be the status quo going forward regardless of what party is in power. You can say what you want about the President but the fact is half the nominees filibustered in the history of the United States were blocked by Republicans during the Obama administration; of 23 district court nominees filibustered in U.S. history, 20 were Obama’s nominees; and even judges that have broad bipartisan support have had to wait nearly 100 days longer, on average, than President George W. Bush’s nominees.


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