Despite the GOP’s Best Efforts



Against the best efforts of conservative politicians and the Republican party in Washington, and after more than six years, the U.S. private sector has at last regained the jobs lost during the Bush era Great Recession. 

The economy added 192,000 jobs in March, the 42nd consecutive month of growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. All the gains were in the private sector, pushing non-government employment to 116 million, just above the prior record set in January 2008, when the recession was just beginning. The private sector lost 8.8 million jobs in the recession and has gained 8.9 million since.

While unemployment remains high and the vast majority of jobs gained have been part-time, this milestone remains important. If nothing else this is a reminder of what sound fiscal policy and the avoidance of austerity can do. This is not a story that will be reported by Fox News or applauded by any GOP pundit, it would nearly seem they would see our country fail in its entirety rather than concede political defeat. Sadly one party in our political system focuses on what we CAN do and one party focuses on what we CAN NOT, I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which…

Is it not a sobering reminder of how divided our political system has become to witness a political party not celebrate employment, but dismiss it? Not to celebrate our countries achievements but decry them? Not to view progress as a positive but as a negative? Not to embrace science but to discredit scientists? These are the sad facts of our so called Democracy and if we do not learn to come to the center I fear we are doomed to fail.


Help our country, stand up against big money in politics, overturn Citizens United and the McCutcheon decision.