Political Purchases


Democrats truly did not deserve to win the midterm elections this fall. They directed their policies towards the wealthy instead of the middle class. They did their best to please Wall Street instead of helping average people while they were in office. While the stock market has DOUBLED since 2009 Democrats refused to talk about it. While the economy has grown exponentially since the last midterms Democrats turned away from it. While unemployment dipped below 6% for the first time in years, Democrats refused to own thisĀ or use it as a talking point. That’s because they are in the same pockets as every other politician. They didn’t earn any of these gains, they sold them out to millionaires and billionaires financing their campaigns. Democrats ran as Republicans and Republicans ran as even more far right Republicans. They did this to ensure political favors from their donors on both sides of the isle.

Why does this matter you might ask…I have simple answer, because none of those statistics mean a THING! Most of the economic growth has gone to the top 1% of earners since the recession of 2008-09. While the economy has technically been recovering since 2009 more than 90% of the gains went to the wealthiest among us. The average person has not recovered. Their wages have not gone up proportionate to inflation. Income inequality in the US has grown at unprecedented levels since the recession.

There is only one answer. We have to take back our government. We will never have truthful politicians or fair elections ever again if money rules our political system. Here’s what we can do to affect change.

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