Presidential Candidates?…not so much

November 16, 2014Every four years we get a new drove of elderly veterans, congressional freshmen, Vice Presidents, and wealthy businessmen that compete for the title of each political party’s darling. This year is no different…or maybe it is. Seeing as most of the so-called “presidential candidates” are not fit to lead a youth baseball team let alone a country, we are due for the ugliest, nastiest, dirtiest, costliest elections of all time. Right wing presidential hopefuls have already raised more than $800 million dollars to start running campaign ads in this pre-election season. Jeb Bush for instance (whom most consider will be the Koch backed candidate of the race) has set his sites on the billion dollar mark to try and buy achem umm, run his campaign for 2016. This is a man who is more moderate than most, he has at least on occasion admitted to “not knowing” whether climate change is man made or not. This varies greatly from the Canadian goofball who is also presumably running for president in 2016 Ted Cruz. Cruz has stated on many occasions that “there is no warming happening” man made or otherwise. This is a major problem for us humans. Seeing as the IPCC has stated on multiple occasions that the evidence for man made climate change is “unequivocal”. This is an organization that has been running study after study involving multiple countries and multiple data sets for decades. An organization that has NO INTEREST in American politics as a place to tout its claims. An assertion that Ted Cruz cannot make. This should scare us, a political candidate who denies science to advance a political agenda is not a presidential candidate but an enemy of the state.

Lets take time to consider these facts when we choose the next leader of the free world, for the policies we make truly set the bar for the rest of the world and we are as of yet not setting that bar very high…