Trumplestiltskin and Gork

trump hairDonald Trump’s recent surge in the polls is a beauty. The perfect alignment of everything wrong with the conservative party all wrapped up in one big hair critter. Its so perfectly destructive to the GOP, you would think it was some kind of liberal conspiracy to guarantee the party never again wins an election….And while it may be the case that conservatives never win another election bid let alone the White House, it is no conspiracy. Trump has spent years crafting his tough guy CEO persona and gathering together enough ‘yes’ men to fill a gym. Combine this with decades worth of entitled 1% crust that has built up on his back and you have a juggernaut that may single handedly tank any hopes the GOP has of gathering swing voters into their arsenal for 2016…thank you Donald, thank you national media, and thank you “Gork” the creature living on Mr. Trumps skull 🙂