Mindfulness and The Journey


To love life in the past is just a memory, to love it in the future is nothing but a fantasy, all we ever really have is this very moment (what I refer to as The Journey) to live with heart, love, and compassion.

This may all seem like ‘New Age’ speak or sappy BS and hell maybe it is, but I tell you what its not, its not useless. When I say words like “love” and “compassion” I do not mean some romance movie definition of the word. I don’t mean Hollywood hot pink love I mean REAL LOVE. I mean a true understanding of the beauty of consciousnesses and the universe. When you finally wake up to the idea of mindfulness, your life is changed forever. I don’t mean that I have somehow “woken up” or been “enlightened”… far from it. However, as Sam Harris says, you must learn to take the goal as the path. This means enlightenment isn’t some switch to be flipped. You do not become enlightened and stay that way forever, not even the greatest teachers in history ever made it to the top. The key is living The Journey. Every single moment is nothing but a gift, an opportunity, to live with love and compassion for the universe and every being in it. If you know enlightenment is always available all you need to do is be mindful to glimpse it…

I have been thinking lately about the limited way in which we humans describe the concept of time. It is a very peculiar thing to say time “passes” or that “time flies”. In reality time is simply the measure of what is. We pass through time, not it through us. We are a part of nature and the universe, not apart from it. Civilizations live up, explode into being, and die out all in the blink of an eye. This very Western idea of humans and our soul at the center of the universe or that somehow we are a divine creation is really quite funny. It is such a remedial way to look at the universe it is hard to understand how anyone ever believed it at all.

Mindfulness is the art of always remembering. If you stray from the path and let your emotions entangle you then simply bring your mind back to the center. The sensations of hate and fear and sadness always come and go but they are simply that, sensations. They arise and fall away. Opening your mind to the idea of observing these feelings instead of clinging to them is truly a life changing experiment. You quickly find that you spend very little time feeling each emotion in and of itself and very much time convincing yourself you deserve to feel that way. Once you break away from this cycle, real tangible growth can begin. Whether you forget your power of mindfulness for two minutes or two years, all you have to do is remember again, remember a thousand times, take the goal as the path and see enlightenment is always available, all you have to do is look for it…


Des Moines Hipster Heaven Millennial Magic

des moines rabbit sculpture

Des Moines topping the list again as one of the coolest places ever, and why not!? Portland, Brooklyn, Seattle and San Francisco are so 1990’s. We rank top 5 in things such as property values, places to raise a family, low income inequality, and places to start a business. Now we are starting to resonate with young people in the type of way that creates a movement. Check out here and here for some of the other lists but for not enjoy this piece in the Atlantic.