Excited Confusion


After seeing days and weeks of people saying “if so and so is the candidate I won’t vote” and seeing celebrity after celebrity say we need a change. After seeing pundit after pundit on CNN and Fox News say “she’s more electable” you get the feeling that people must not understand how elections work. Elections are about WAY more than just people voting or not voting for a candidate. Its about getting the people EXCITED. Its about motivating people who have never been involved in politics before. Its about getting your brothers and sisters and friends and co-workers to actually show up at the polling place. Its about getting the average person to show up at a call center and sit for HOURS making sure people are registered to vote. Its about people coming TOGETHER and being excited about their candidate. Its about getting regular people like me to bring pins and stickers and buttons to work and speak with the person at the grocery store about Citizens United. People ARE excited about Bernie Sander and will continue to motivate the base of voters all the way up through the general election. Uniting behind Bernie Sanders the people will show up in HUGE numbers to beat the republican candidate. She will lose out on all the support and excitement Bernie Sanders has brought not just to the democratic party but to the modern political process in general. He has gathered unprecedented numbers of young people and motivated even the most shy person to GET INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS.


We the people are the exact opposite of excited about Hillary Clinton. 


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