Democratic Socialism Explained

income equality.JPG

Lets start with a few definitions and then expand onto some of their finer points:

  • Democratic socialism is a political ideology advocating a democratic political system alongside a socialist economic system.
  • Democratic socialism is distinguished from both the Soviet model of centralized socialism and from social democracy, where “social democracy” refers to support for political democracy and regulation of the capitalist economy.
  • Socialism is a range of social and economic systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production; as well as the political ideologies, theories, and movements that aim at their establishment.

Us humans? We’re better when we work together. Cut-throat Capitalism has been a great success for business and industry and surely had a place in propelling post war American into the economic forefront, but lately it hasn’t been great for us regular people. It works for banks and corporations but not for healthcare and education. We hear a lot about “redistribution of wealth” as if somehow we give too much to the needy. The reality is we have been redistributing our wealth to the top earners for DECADES. Through the deregulation of our financial system (the slick moves that caused the financial crisis of 2008) income tax loopholes used and abused by the wealthy (not available to us regular people) and paying a higher percentage of our incomes in tax, we have been bleeding our middle class money up to the super rich for quite long enough.

Include now the effect of Citizens United and the ability for corporations to quite literally buy votes and elections, and we have ourselves in quite a mess.

Lately in the news we’ve been hearing a lot of garbage. Mostly empty rhetoric and misunderstood terminology. By simply yelling “SOCIALIST” at every Bernie Sanders supporter what you are doing is defining a globally established ideology, not saying a swear word. Enjoy Firefighters? Yea that’s a government run socialist program. Its not anti-American, its WILDLY American. Like to support our troops? Yep you guessed it, another socialist program. Should we bring more people into the middle class, or continue to redistribute our wealth upwards to the top 1% like we have been for decades?  Is it a good idea to let the top earners in our country pay nearly zero dollars in taxes while the rest of us struggle to pay rent?

Do you know what derivative trading is? It is a system in which high speed stock exchange programs pass money back and forth to one another and siphon off pennies by speculating on the change in stock prices. You can find more information on it here. Its not something us regular people can do and its a relatively new phenomenon that’s been around for less than 20 years. Bernie Sanders (whom I was reluctant to mention by name in this post) is proposing a number of programs by which to tax this obscure form of trading that adds nothing to our economy only bleeds money from it. Through a tax on wall street speculation we will be able to afford a number of programs, the least of which is guaranteeing education to our children. Seems as though we always have trillions of dollars to send men and women off to fight and die in illegal and unjust wars, but not enough to provide our next generation with the education they need to lead the world. Lets invest in America.

Lets understand our political systems and use the ones that benefit us, not scream generalizations at them.


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