Brief Inspirations of a Serial Procrastinator

Whether it’s a 30 page paper to graduate college or last minute sales numbers to save my job, I have always had an incredible passion for procrastination. I seem to thrive off of it. I am certainly not the only one to notice this or anywhere near the first person to write about it. Next to list articles its probably near the top of every pop up writers favorite topic to drone on about, unless its a list article about procrastination. For me though, its an accepted form of motivation more than a dreaded condition.

When I first started this blog back in 2011 I had the high aspirations of writing daily columns on political activism, album reviews, vacation stories and travel tips. This never panned out and its probably for the better. I have since come to cope with the idea that I am just peripheral writer and unless contracted with some amazing gig am probably doomed to these short spurts of inspiration for the rest of my life. That being said, I recently had one! I was perusing VICE news the other morning like I always do (putting off doing actual work) and I stumbled upon a story or rather series of stories by a dude named Abdullah Saeed. Normally I read a story, maybe glance at the author, and then ex out of the window. This story wasn’t really a story but more of a chronicling of three people travelling across the US just taking it all in. I love taking it all in. The difference was they were going to some places where MOST people aren’t welcome, let alone a hip black dude, a guy with an Islamic sounding name, and a Spanish girl. Being the suburban white kid that I am, I always TRY to look at situations through the eyes of other people but I rarely get to do it. This show allowed me to do that and so much more. You should all check out that series. After watching all the T. Kid videos I could (that’s Saeed’s VICE name) I started reading his old articles and found out he’s into a bunch of the same shit I am! What a world! Well it’s mostly smoking weed and taking psychedelics in college but still I enjoyed the fuck out of it. Every article made me laugh and in some way relate to a situation I didn’t think anyone else had had. (Double had’s? Can you double up on a “had”?) . This might not seem like like much but damn it was a wave of inspiration in a sea of procrastination. Where my poets at!  Still waiting on the call from the VICE poetry section…

Ok back to procrastination.

I have always written music, always loved to write stories, and always had a passion for the journalistic vantage point of any topic. My favorite authors are philosophers and some of my most prized possessions are books. This however, does not make me a creative. I work in the agricultural industry for a small company that sells weather stations. We’re owned by a big company that has global reach and purchased us as a segue into the smart grid technology sector. We allow you to put a weather station on your farm, use that data (rain, wind speed, dew point, humidity, pressure, ect.) and get a forecast for your individual field rather than using an airport that is 50 miles away. This allows farmers to better plan for planting and harvest season and generally interests me as a pretty cool thing to be involved with. This still doesn’t save me from the procrastination. As we speak I am sitting at my desk, should be on a WebEx, should be setting up meetings, and should be booking hotels for our next trade show, but I’m writing this article. The funny thing is I usually use work to help me delay in writing or making music.. but right now writing actually helps me procrastinate from doing my real job. Ahh the irony..or wait.. is that laziness..?

All this culminates in the hilariously brief inspirations of either working or writing, writing or working. They both seem to feed off of each other and I am not sure I could do one without the other. Are these just appearances of regular ole writers block? Brief moments of clarity? Or just a needed coping mechanism that we all use to get through the monotony of everyday life..? I think we all trek through the same problems but define them in different ways. Some people would call these just intervals of regular creativity coming and going. For better or worse I still call it procrastination…speaking of that, I should get back to work..





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