The Simulation


Last night a co-worker recalled a story in which he had been standing in line to check out at a local grocery store and he did something most of us never do, he looked up. He looked up, looked around and noticed the process surrounding him. The grocery cart, his son sitting in front, the groceries in the basket behind him. The next lane over, a mom with her daughter, sitting in the front of the grocery cart, milk, eggs, cheese, and bread behind her. Then again and again down the rows he stared at a near factory line of identical families with identical carts of identical food most down to the same brand and  size. This lemming like display of people walking in, walking out, checking in, checking out, never really noticing or caring whats going on is simply a microcosm of the world.  Although  David Foster Wallace is famous for his views on this, most of us never take the time to just step back and notice the banality of our modern existence. The almost painstakingly obvious similarities between each human and each family.

Taking no time at all to infer philosophical or ethical implications of this, I simply have to make an announcement, we are living in a simulation…I mean we’ve GOTTA be right?!? I mean there’s a guy in the news right now who’s last name is Weiner who is notorious for sending pictures of his WEINER to women! This type of comical coincidence occurs far more often than you might realize and it just might explain this comical election…

Myself? I’ve made up my mind. We are living in a simulation and the programmers are either just getting really lazy, or the whole thing is starting to break down…Let’s have some fun while it does 😉